Our Fleet

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All of the CLT trucks are designed with horse safety and comfort in mind.

High Doors

With doors that extend to the ceiling of the truck, the angle of the ramp when lowered is shallower making loading and unloading safer and more horse friendly.

Security Cameras

Trucks are fitted with two surveillance cameras, which are linked to a monitor in the cab. This enables the driver to keep an eye on horses during transit and address immediately any problems that may arise. Surveillance cameras are an essential part of our duty of care.


Trucks are fitted with large wall vents and roof vents, allowing the free flow of air throughout the truck and making for a more comfortable journey for horses.

Stallion Dividers

All partitions are fitted with full stallion dividers to ensure your horses safety from his fellow passengers during transit.

Adjustable Partitions

Partitions can be adjusted from side to side to accommodate a mare and foal or make a larger space for difficult travelers. By sliding across on bars, they can be fixed in position creating a secure wide traveling area.

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